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                         award-winning multimedia reporter

covering New York City for the WNYC and Gothamist newsroom

I have nearly a decade of experience reporting on New York City, covering breaking news, labor, health, elections and an array of other subjects, for both radio and digital audiences. In addition to reporting for WNYC and Gothamist, I'm a regular contributor to NPR. 

I uncovered a network of anti-vaccine activists propelling a measles epidemic, detailed the toxic work environment behind the scenes in former Governor Andrew Cuomo's office, forced New York City to admit they were undercounting the dead during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and walked the streets for days during New York City's 2020 Black Lives Matter uprising.

I earned a Gracie Award for crisis coverage during the 2020 pandemic for reporting on people who died from COVID-19 at home alone and the extreme burnout healthcare workers were facing. In 2015 I won a Society of Professional Journalist student award for reporting on a Far Rockaway school that virtually eliminated school suspensions. 

Contact her gwynnefhogan [at] gmail [dot] com

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